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25 August 2011 @ 08:41 am
We have a FB group - Dragon*Con XTrack

We have a twitter - dcon_xtrack

Both will be updated at Con.

PLUS, please remember to review your schedules when you get to Con.  Changes have already been made.

21 August 2011 @ 12:47 pm
See the subject line?  See the first, all caps, word?  Know what that means?

If you answered yes to all three questions, you can view the TENTATIVE 2011 XTrack D*C Schedule here: 



- This is tentative.  Yes, even less than two weeks out.
- Subject to change, be taken down, etc.
- Again, tentative.

All that being said, we in XTrack are really excited about the 25th Anniversary and can't wait to see the guests and attendees! :)

XTrack Director
DragonCon 2011
09 September 2010 @ 04:51 am
I think I am awake and aware enough to post now. :) 

What an AMAZING four (well, kinda five) days!  DragonCon 2010 was a blast and XTrack was thrilled as all get out to be a place where MANY of you spent time.  From our Warehouse 13 panels to William B Davis to fandom discussions to general discussions, our rooms had people in them - big ballrooms to our track room.  Thank YOU for attending the panels, asking good questions and keeping the discussions going!  Without you there, it's just us talking to ourselves...which is boring! ;)

XTrack guests were a mix of new and old this year and I hope you enjoyed them.  The mix, to me, creates the best possible discussions and reviews of the events.  Therefore, let me thank:

Warehouse 13 guests - Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek and Tia Carrere, along with Rene Auberjonois and Mark A. Sheppard
Eureka guests (our cross-over panel) - Colin Ferguson, Erica Cerra and Neil Grayston
XFiles guest - William B. Davis
Dead Zone guest - Chris Bruno

And our guests (in not perfect panel time order) for the fandom discussions:  John Flynn, Bob Blackwood, Jon Boutelle, Aaron Poole, Mighty Bill, Paul Dini (!!!), Speaker, Wendy Hembrock (and friends!), Andie Masino (and friends!), Graham Watkins, Roxanne Henkle, Damien Walker, Mary Moline, Andrew Bennett-Conner, Duncan Bennett-Conner*, and Iruka Yuywell.

Additional thanks go to Father Bryan Small for not only being willing to come and talk with us but also for pitch-hitting on a panel.  Thank you!

Special Thanks to Widgett Walls and the Need Coffee Crew (Rox, ScottC, Jon, Serv, Aaron, Kim, Tuffley, Rob, Madman, Cosette and Thespia) -- closing out our track with them has become a tradition that I adore! :)

We were also thrilled this year to welcome back Dr. Kris Sperry with his amazingly informative talks on forensic pathology!  Dr. Sperry has been a friend of XTrack for years and we are glad he was able to return this year.

And while we might have people talking in panels, it doesn't happen without an amazing amount of back-stage work by talented and wonderful people:

TechOps in Regency VI and VII, Centential I, II, and III, International S, International S&N, Sheraton Capitol Ballroom and the Marriott track room support
Guest Services and Security (and I didn't get every name - bad Leigh!)
David Gordon
Regina Kirby
and too many more to list :)

Last but never ever least, thanks again to my Track staff.  I've been called "fabulous" (hee hee!) and a "spitfire" (*grins!*) but I couldn't be any of that without Danny and Jenny and Logan and Beth and Deb and Jason.  They rock my world, keep me sane - and throw me out of my room when they can tell I need a nap!  :)  Thanks, guys!

So, thanks, again, to everyone.  2010 was a great year and I look forward to 2011!  I'll keep asking for the guests you want and working to schedule panels you can enjoy.  Please feel free to leave feedback here or send to me at xtrack@dragoncon.org.

XTrack Director
DragonCon 2010

*Full Disclosure:  My Hub and Son - who should also get thanked for putting up with me and the bit manic I get right before Con. :)  *hugs them both!*
28 August 2010 @ 10:00 am

  • Did you read the first sentence?  Understand it?  Good.
  • As it is TENTATIVE -DRAFT, changes may be made up to and including during Con
  • Do not speak of this schedule at Con and say, "But this schedule says THIS!" to me or the XTrack staff.  Look at the header/footer. 

I am trying to insert a tiny bit of humour here but I am serious.  I DO NOT usually put up a schedule until D*C does for many reasons.  This is a TENTATIVE schedule (yes, tentative, even five days out).  Do NOT harass staff if this changes - changes are occurring daily.  It's a fact of life with a Con as big as D*C.  Read your Daily Dragon and follow the DailyDragon Twitter feed.

I really am looking forward to seeing everyone.  I'll be around between, after and before panels so stop and say hi.  Some of you (wink wink, nudge nudge) know where to find me on Thursday, late evening.  I may only  be able to say "hi" back but I do like talking to people. :)  I think this will be a GREAT year for D*C and XTrack and I hope you think so too.

XTrack Director
DragonCon 2010

02 August 2010 @ 07:16 pm
40 Days of DragonCon Countdown has a new podcast up - Mary, 2nd in charge, of Young Adult Lit!

27 July 2010 @ 08:19 pm
The Unique Geek website is doing a countdown to DragonCon and, like last year, certain D'Con staff are being intereviewed for podcasts.  Regina, Senior Director of Programming, is up!   www.theuniquegeek.com/40-days-of-dragoncon-2010-regina

Articles and more podcasts will be loaded up until the magical day!  Please, go check it out!

20 June 2010 @ 01:41 pm
Thanks to the great DragonCon webmaster, our website is updated.  Enjoy!

08 June 2010 @ 09:22 pm
Just a few quick things:

D'Con is helping tracks set up websites so we will have a website soon.

However, as I've discussed in the past (and due to being burned and called names), I am 99% positive I will NOT post a track schedule to the website.  We may have some updates but a track schedule is considered "tentative" until a panel is actually going on and I think that the 2 weeks notice often given for the official D'Con full program should suffice.

We are looking forward to our special guests from Warehouse 13 and XFiles and hope you are too!

More later!

XTrack Director
D'Con 2010
08 September 2009 @ 07:01 pm
I want to thank my staff - Danny, Amy, Jason, Jen, Logan, Kerry and Zach - for EVERYTHING!  Without them, there is no XTrack so a big ol' shout out to them.

I also want to thank all of our panelists - from the small panels to the large (and you all know who you are).  They put time and effort into prepping those panels and being at D'Con and XTrack so YOU can enjoy the experience.  Panels are the backbone of Con and everyone who presents is appreciated.'

Thanks to Tech and AV and Security and Daily Dragon and a million and one other groups that support the track behind the scenes.  You guys rock!

A last thank you to the attendees - you guys clap and ask good questions and everything else and thank you for attending XTrack.  Thanks for understanding when panels don't start right on time and being patient when we have a minor glitch and have to get it fixed.  If you hated everything we did, we wouldn't still be around - 10 years + at this point and we're still going strong.

I hope you enjoyed the extra panels, both show and topic related.  Hope to be able to do more next year.  Everything from Friday's start up to our "biggest panel ever" on Sunday at 10am was amazing this year.  I hope you all enjoyed yourself; I think this was one of the best Con's ever - not just for XTrack but overall.

Now, I'm gonna go sleep more.  And take care of my eye. :)

XTrack Director
D'Con 2009

PS - For those curious, I have a severe corneal abrasion on my eye but the doctor said I will be FINE!  I'm using antibiotic drops and keeping it covered.  Thanks for all your concern at Con. :)
25 August 2009 @ 12:22 pm
And it's here!  http://publications.dragoncon.org/index.htm#Pocket

Do remember, it's only tentative until your butt is in the seat and the panel is going on. :)

This year (proving my obvious insanity :) ), XTrack is scheduled for over 40 panels!  Yes, we are using other track rooms; we scheduled over 44 panels for DragonCon this year, increasing our fandom discussions and our paranormal topic panels.  And!  We have new shows on the track - Fringe and Warehouse 13.

Also, SPN and Lost fans - please note the increase in your fan discussions. :)

See you there!

XTrack Director
DragonCon 2009